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Retail Management

Our Retail Billing Software is a simple, easy to use, accessible from anywhere software. Whether you sell products or doing services, this software will be the ideal option to track your sales and services. Give Quotation, Raise Bill, Track Payments Received and Pending, Set Discounts, Set Taxes, Multiple user access and many more.

Optimus highly flexible Retail Billing solution enables operators to target services and bundles according to subscriber characteristics and behaviors. This approach not only optimizes the customer experience, but through the use of sophisticated cross-product discounting and loyalty schemes, can also enhance loyalty and increase ARPU.

The retail industry mainly comprises of discounts from merchandise or various services from physical locations like shopping malls, stores etc. or from virtual online shopping stores. More than any other business driver, competition characterizes the retail industry. Globalization, deflation, diversification of sales channels and, most of all, changing customer demands have merged to create a cutthroat environment in which retailers struggle to turn a profit. These profitability challenges involve both revenue and cost. We have successful heritage of providing innovative and fully customized web solutions for retail industry with the help of our professional retail industry website designing & development services.

Optimus IT Solutions helps global retailers deliver a "greater than" experience that engages customers, enhances value and relevance, and builds a competitive advantage. We do this with tailored strategies and expert teams. Our Strengths are:

  • All Billing Modules like invoice generation, Invoice Printing (thermal or A4 Size printer), Bill settings, Tax and Discount Settings
  • Centralized control on Product master, Price Master, and other Modules
  • Billing System with or without Customer details capture
  • Customer level price setup for each product (Highest level of pricing customization)
  • Purchase Management with Inventory Module
  • Variety of Report generation for Managerial Decision Making
  • Centralized Data Management
  • Regular near-realtime updates from different billing centres to the main system.
  • Regular email of reports and SMS (optional)

Optimus Billing Application for your Retail Business

Billing Application with or without Barcode as per the Business Requirement and Flexibility

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